Boost Website Traffic with SEO Copywriting & Content Marketing Strategy

I have an embarrassing story.

When I was in middle school, I wrote a secret love poem to my crush and kept it stashed in my creative writing journal.

One day I left the journal in class.

Who found it? None other than Ms. Romantic and her friends. They read everything.  

When her friends gave it back to me, they told me she now had a crush on me too.

This is how I learned about the power of the pen.

Still reading? That’s because I just used storytelling to hold your attention.

See, only 20% of people read past the first line of text (Nielsen Norman Group).

But with a great copywriter by your side, you can keep more people scrolling to the end.

Why does this matter?

Dwell time. (A major SEO factor):

When people stay on your page for long periods of time, it sends a signal to Google that your content is helpful and should rank higher in search results.

But you can only do this with quality content.

That’s where I come in.

How I Can Help You

Like above, I’ll make sure your fluff-free copy hooks the reader and keeps them glued.

Here’s what I love doing:

SEO Content Strategy
Content Writing
Website Copy 
Email Marketing

Why Hire Me as Your Copywriter

Take the Guesswork out of SEO

Anyone who says SEO is dead is either ignorant or afraid to get their hands dirty.

Because I can come up with a list of trending, high-traffic topics you can rank for at your level.


With real data from my fancy tools–Ahrefs & BuzzSumo–we identify:

  • Keywords you can steal from competitors at your level
  • Trending topics in your niche.

The intersection of those two forms your content strategy.

In plain English, that means I can help bring more qualified organic traffic to your site than your typical “SEO” copywriter.

Guaranteed Engaging Content

I mean, c’mon…isn’t this a fun read? 😃

But if you need further proof, take a look at my portfolio.

Trackable ROI

 At the end of the day, it’s your bottom line that counts. Whether you’re in charge of the budget or you report to someone who does, you’ll be able to justify the investment.

If you have analytics set up, we’ll keep a pulse on how your copy is affecting metrics like page hits, session duration, and clickthrough rates.

After all, that which is measured improves.

How to Hire Me

Email: [email protected]

Phone: 917-524-7979

You can also connect with me on  Linkedin!

Happy Clients

"Arthur took the time to understand our audience and brand voice, and he picked up on complex aspects of our product very quickly…we barely had to make any revisions! Not to mention, his keyword and topic suggestions based on his strong SEO knowledge made our lives so much easier!"
Kayla Javaheri
Marketing Coordinator,
“Arthur makes a complex subject sound simple. He’s easy to reach, keeps us updated, and finishes projects fast. His HIPAA blogs attract new clients and keep us high in Google Search results. We’d be happy to hire him again!”
Wil Roman
Vice President,
“Arthur tripled our email click-to-open rate, and his sales letter got the attention of some hard-to-reach VP’s! He explains every action he takes, and proactively seeks solutions to help our business grow. We still keep his phone number handy to consult him about our marketing materials. Thanks again!”
Argie Adames
Director of Marketing, Barclay Brown
“I’m very happy I found Arthur. He helped me come up with a winning strategy for my email marketing and affiliate blog, and I’m impressed with his insights on how to target my ideal client.
Bradley Lloyd
Personal Trainer

Who I’ve Worked With