Hey, I'm Arthur.

I help brands rank on page 1 of Google with authoritative, evergreen content.

My targeted approach to SEO drives web traffic for:

With a unique research process and use of predictive analytics, I've been able to get results like these for my clients:

The Problem

The owner of this site, David, asked me how to scale his blog traffic.

My Answer

Data-driven content strategy.

The Result

296% increase in David’s organic traffic in 3 months

“Arthur makes accurate predictions about what qualifies content for Google rankings. His precision with SEO and his insights about my audience tripled my web traffic in 3 months.

-David Morin
Founder, SocialProNow.com

How I Help Clients Get Results

1. Discovery & Kickoff Call

Before our call, I’ll inspect your existing blogs for quick, easy optimization opportunities that can bring them to page 1.

Then I’ll ask you some questions about your target audience, your product, and your competitors. I’ll help you investigate what your target audience is searching for.

2. SEO Keyword Research

Now the real fun begins. I’ll use my custom process to identify:

  1. Highly searched, easy-win keywords & what your SEO competitors are using to rank
  2. Trending topics in your niche (especially the ones that attract clicks & shares)

The intersection of these 2 items forms your content strategy – an editorial calendar of trending, high-traffic topics you can rank for with your current domain authority.

3. Approval & Execution

Once the calendar is set, I’ll have my team of vetted writers create unique, authoritative blogs that build relationships with your readers, answer their search queries, and keep them on your page as long as possible (an important ranking signal).

Content will include research and statistics from authoritative sources, and will be broken up with images, bullet-points, and bold text where needed to make your blog easy to scan.

I’ll help you outrank your competitors with authority content that converts.

If permitted, I will also publish approved content to your site and optimize it for SEO.

4. Analysis & Adaptation

Using Google Analytics, we’ll keep a pulse on how your organic traffic numbers are looking as the months roll by, what kind of content keeps people most engaged, and adjust your content strategy accordingly.

“Arthur took the time to understand our audience and brand voice, and he picked up on complex aspects of our product very quickly…we barely have to make any revisions! Not to mention, his content recommendations based on his strong SEO knowledge ensures campaign results before any content is created.

-Kayla Javaheri
Marketing Coordinator, MeetFlo.com

Most likely, you’re here because:

  1. You’re not producing enough content.
  2. You’re not ranking on Google or driving enough quality traffic
  3. Keyword research sounds like a tedious chore, and you’re not sure if your content is SEO friendly

And most importantly:

  1. You’re looking for a writer who can engage your audience with content that pops and holds attention.

I guarantee work that’s quality, on time, and ready-to-publish, freeing you to focus on other areas of your business.