Past client results:

Content that answers exactly what your target audience wants, in the exact format they desire:

How to Get Insurance to Pay for Water Damage

Ultimate Guide” style post. Currently the most thorough resource about this on the web.

  • Page 1 for “how to get insurance to pay for water damage”

  • Search Volume500 searches/month

Everything You Need to Know About Pressure Reducing Valves

Answers all the questions people ask about this topic. Ranks for several featured snippets.

  • Page 1 for “pressure reducing valve”

  • Search Volume – 6,400 searches/month
12 Best Books for Introverts 2019

Strict adherence to brand voice. Convenient takeaways to help readers choose a book.

  • Page 1 for “introvert book”

  • Search Volume – 500 searches/month
How Cyanoacrylate Adhesives Work and Their Industrial Applications

Highly technical article for a B2B audience. Addresses any doubts they may have about cyanoacrylate adhesives.

  • Page 1 for “cyanoacrylate”

  • Search Volume – 11,000 searches/month

Direct response copywriting:

Landing Page

Landing page to drive email subscriptions for Jim McKelvey, founder of Square

  • All page content written in author’s voice

  • (email sequence in sample below)
Email Nurture Sequence

Email sequence to drive book sales for Jim McKelvey, founder of Square

  • 3 emails – welcome email, value-add, book promo

  • Final email prompts direct sales of the book 🤑
Facebook Ads

Facebook ad copy promoting eBook for Tom Golisano – founder of Paychex

  • 2 variants written for A/B split test

  • Target audience – entrepreneurs + business students

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